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11 robert-sullivan-2.webp

Dr. Robert Sullivan

Researcher, author, speaker
Dean, College of Humanities and Social Science
Dallas Baptist University

 “Every writer wants an audience and Tina helps you find it!”

12 Wendy Whiteman.png

Wendy Williams Whiteman, JD

Elder Law Attorney, Medicaid Planning and Asset Preservation
Author of Creative Caregiving and Beyond

“Tina has given me invaluable advice on how to publish my book and build my platform. I had talked to several people about the different ways to publish but felt confused and unsure about where to start. Tina took me by the hand, encouraging me along the way, and led me through each step of the book publishing process. Now, she continues to advise me on the many channels for getting the message out about my book and company. Her knowledge of the industry and level of professionalism is exceptional.”

13 Jake.jpg

Jake Mentzel

CEO Warhorn Media

Sr. Pastor of Church of the King

 Evansville, IN 

“When we first approached Tina Jacobson and the Barnabas Agency five years ago, we had a quarterly magazine with a circulation of about twelve hundred and a draft of a book. With her guidance and support, we developed a strategy tailored to our needs and goals that has allowed us to blossom into a multimedia ministry producing books, music, podcasts, and more, reaching hundreds of thousands of people. Tina is a consummate professional, a wise and experienced consultant, a godly counselor, and a good friend—who truly invests herself not just in your work, but in you as a person. I can’t imagine where we’d be without her.”

14 Hud 2.jpg

Dr. J Hud McWilliams

Author, Disciple of Disturbance

“When you are not an author by trade or gifting you find quickly that much assistance and help is needed to write, edit. and print a book. In my case Tina provided the expertise, skill, understanding and support to bring this project to fruition with grace and competence. The most marked part of this collaboration, however, was the relational manner in which all of this was accomplished. It is one thing to be professional, which Tina was in every dimension, and another to remain connected personally throughout the project. I came away from the entire experience with a book and a friend. I am grateful.”




15 Tracy.jpg

Tracy Marshall

Executive Director
Transparency USA

“My recent strategy meeting with The Barnabas Agency exceeded all expectations. They took their time, asking great questions to help me clarify and define my goals, and giving me a better understanding of all that was possible. I came away with a plan, confident in knowing exactly what to do, and perhaps most importantly, what not to do. Their expertise has been invaluable as our organization has expanded. Highly, highly recommend!”

16 Dwight-Edwards.png

Dwight Edwards

Author & Teacher
Ignis Deo/Revolution Within

"Tina and her team are amazing! The day I spent with them was absolutely invaluable in helping our ministry see where we've been and the best path for moving forward. The questions they asked were extraordinarily perceptive and helped identify stones that we have unwittingly been tripping on. Their suggestions for moving forward have already born significant fruit. I can't recommend the Barnabas Agency too highly!"

17 Voddie.jpg

Voddie Baucham

Pastor, Author and Speaker

“Since I have been working with The Barnabas Agency, my ministry has run a thousand percent smoother, allowing me to spend more time, energy, and focus on what I do best...The Barnabas Agency’s mission and passion to come alongside VBM have been a huge as set in not only growing the ministry but also in focusing on the types of events that maximize my ability to target and communicate my message most effectively.”

18 Jordan.png

Jordan Rubin

Founder and former CEO of Garden of Life

“The Barnabas Agency has represented me, my books and ministry with the highest enthusiasm and integrity. They cover all the channels of media and public relations with excellence. Even more important than the results we have achieved together is the belief that The Barnabas Agency has in me and my mission.”

19 Mac.png

Mac Pier

CEO/The New York City Leadership Center
Founder/Movement Day

“The Barnabas Agency has provided great leadership in our efforts to communicate our vision to cities around the world. They are considered by many to be the best at what they do…The team is hard working, disciplined, and effective. We couldn’t be more pleased and are looking forward to working with them for years to come.”

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