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Why Hire a Public Relations Consultant? 

Your book is published. Now what do you do?


You’ve tried to get attention with the media for interviews, but no luck.


How in the world do you make social media work? Why will your video not go viral?


Does this sound like you?


At The Barnabas Agency, we often find ourselves explaining the realities of what it takes to get noticed and heard in the virtual world of social media and the overcrowded marketplace of traditional media, book publishers, and consumer interests. We are constantly helping our clients connect the dots. We can help you connect the dots too. 

When it comes to finding any sort of public platform for your message such as publishing a book, building a social media community, or speaking at a venue or securing a media interview — many people have an oversimplified idea of what it takes to get their message heard or seriously underestimate the time and work that’s needed to build their public platform. There are many who don’t have any idea of where to begin and are paralyzed by indecision. Still, others have fearlessly launched themselves into a frenzy only to become discouraged by the obstacles and lack of expected results.


Public Relations and platform development take TIME and know-how. Personal Coaching provides a great advantage to the time-constrained, the novice, or the seasoned vet looking to expand their sphere of influence. We just happen to know a little bit about all of this. We have been serving book publishers, authors, speakers, businesses, ministries, and non-profits for over thirty years, and we want to share our knowledge with you and help you achieve your goals. 


So, unless you have already “arrived and made it big”, we can help you connect the dots and better understand the road ahead. We can help guide you along the way so you don't have to feel paralyzed, restless, or discouraged any longer.

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