A public relations firm dedicated to communicating your message and connecting you with your world.

The B&B Media Group, Inc. has been serving publishing houses, non-profits, organizations, authors, speakers and ministries since 1987 by providing quality, customized publicity services. In order to meet the increased demand brought on by the rapid technological changes and continued growth within the Christian marketplace,

The Barnabas Agency was formed in 2002 to come alongside these same individuals and organizations, some of which were finding it difficult to stay abreast of the changes, lacked manpower or simply didn't know what to do next when it came to developing their overall public platform, branding and communications strategy.

Over the years, these same communications challenges have continued to multiply and the demand for guidance has increased. So in response, an organizational shift was made and core services were re-defined bringing

The Barnabas Agency to the forefront in 2014. Adaptability has always defined Tina Jacobson and her staff, and this latest move is no different.

Comprised of the same familiar faces that have served to anchor the organization - Tina Jacobson, Diane Morrow and Rick Roberson bring a combined total of almost 100 years of experience and offer an in-depth understanding of the religious marketplace and what it takes to communicate to a wide audience in both the general and religious markets, nationally and internationally.