If I Had a Parenting Do-Over

coverartJonathan McKee understands the joy and the challenges of parenting. In his new book If I Had a Parenting Do-Over (Shiloh Run Press, February 2017) McKee offers real, practical help to parents who would rather learn from someone else’s firsthand experiences in hopes of circumventing their own parenting mess-ups. McKee comments “My own kids, now 19, 21 and 23 are now out of the house, in college and making decisions on their own. As my wife and I watched this we couldn’t help but look back at our parenting and ask, ‘Did we equip them for this?’ Or ‘Could we have done this better?’”

McKee shares 7 “do-overs” from his own parenting flubs, while offering encouraging advice to help today’s parents. With more than 20 years of experience working with teenagers and studying youth culture, Jonathan offers real-world help for all parents – especially parents with teens in the home.

Advance praise for McKees new parenting book includes best-selling author and speaker Shaunti Feldhahn who states, “Every parenting book from Jonathan McKee is a gem, and this one is no exception. Combining his own experience with what other parents have said they wish they had done differently, he clearly presents better ways to lead and connect with your kids, at any age”.

President of Focus on the Family, Jim Daly, comments “Do you ever wish you had a parenting mentor to walk alongside you, share the mistakes they made as a parent, and teach you how to avoid those same pitfalls? Now you do! Jonathan McKee offers timeless wisdom for parents who want to look back on their kids’ childhood someday and honestly say they have no regrets.”

Delivered with a refreshing blend of humor and vulnerability, McKee’s candid approach grips parents immediately; then real-world application equips them with solid, helpful practices they can actually use in their own homes. With chapters like “Let It Go,” “Press Pause,” and “The Yes Factor,” McKee draws from his years of parenting his own kids and making tweaks in his parenting style along the way, while providing the honest answers today’s parents are seeking.

For more information visit http://thesource4parents.com/


The Will of a Man and the Way of a Woman

coverartWhile a man possesses a unique God-given motivational propensity for exercising a strong will in life, a woman conversely possesses a unique God-given propensity for discerning the appropriate way of life. Through ups and downs, these magnetic tensions have helped husband and wife writing team, Robert and Pamela Crosby, learn to balance, bend, and blend in their marriage. To appreciate the balance their differences bring, to bend more appropriately in response to each other, and to move toward a more joyous blend that can only emerge out of two quite different ways somehow turned into one. Simply put, where there’s a WILL, there’s a WAY. The Will of a Man & the Way of a Woman (Shiloh Run Press November 2016) invites readers to harness the magnetic draw of their differences and blend better with their spouse in both life and love.

“The will of a man compels him to act on the strengths he feels he can offer.” comments Robert. “The way of a woman compels her to act out of the understanding she feels she can offer.” adds Pamela. Together this draws both husband and wife into relational oneness and becomes the GPS of the relationship. Clarifying how men and women are vastly different by design, emotionally and even spiritually can remove years of struggle.

“Our inner motivation is really the core of our souls. It’s vital to remember that love brings us together and fear pushes apart,” comments Robert. The Crosby’s have been addressing the collaborative aspects of marriage for years through their ministry. The Will of a Man & the Way of a Woman is not just another marriage book. It captures unique tools and resources for marriage unlike any on the market today. Written in an easy and conversational style this little gem of relational wisdom, invites readers to harness the magnetic draw of their differences, while celebrating their oneness. Each chapter includes Ask Away! Questions for Will and Way Conversations, which can be used along side small group studies. Topics include:

· What men most want

· What women deeply desire

· Marriage: the backbone of society

· Restoring marriage and living Gods’ will Gods’ way

Robert and Pamela Crosby are also co-founders of Teaming Life, a conference and resource ministry to couples and families. Together they have served s pastors at churches in New York, Ohio, Boston and now a brand-new church plant in downtown Tampa. Robert and Pamela speak at various couples and leadership events and retreats for local churches and church districts across the country. Robert regularly contributes articles and blog posts for Patheos.com, HuffngtonPost.com, Christianity Today, and Outreach Magazine.

City Dump Transformed into Outdoor Cathedral of Praise

holygroundChrist for all Nations (CfaN) hosted a historic live worship experience led by Evangelist Daniel Kolenda, the President of CfaN, with guests Roy Fields, Hope Darst, and others. The event took place in Ghana earlier this year and resulted in an amazing worship experience. It is now available on DVD and CD. Holy Ground comes from the epicenter of one of the greatest moves of God in history where over 75 million people registered decisions for Christ. Contemporary musical arrangements and beautiful choral harmonies bring to life classic hymns such as “I Surrender All” (featuring Hope Darst) as well as modern and original songs and medleys.

The only site large enough to accommodate the massive crowds that attended this historic event was the city dump. The surrounding neighborhood was infamous for its high levels of crime, poverty and hardship. The Christ for all Nations team moved in, cleared the land and constructed the massive stage with complete with state of the art sound and lighting just in time for the hundreds of thousands of people that flooded the ground. Beautiful sounds of worship filled the air as night after night, the Gospel was preached with power. By the end, 381,680 individuals had registered decisions for Christ. The whole event was captured in this historic worship album appropriately titled, “Holy Ground.”

In thoughtful reflection on this event, Evangelist Daniel Kolenda shared:
“This was one of the most extraordinary and personally impacting projects I’ve ever been a part of. To me, what happened in Ghana is actually a picture of redemption itself. Jesus loves to enter our mess and bring a miracle, exchanging beauty for ashes and making everything new. When I listen to the music on this album, it takes me back to Africa. I can feel the presence of God, the excitement in the air and the faith that anything is possible. It’s more than an album, it’s an experience. It will transport the listener to the epicenter of one of the greatest moves of God in history where literally millions have been saved and nations are being touched.”

This high-quality audio and visual experience was co-produced by Latin Grammy winner and 6-time nominee Carlson Barros, who was honored to help tell this incredible story. Carlson shares: “We recorded in one of most remote areas of Africa. It was very challenging to bring extra equipment and find the perfect spots for microphones, musicians and instruments. I’m very happy that we’re able to match a high-quality audio recording with the anointed reality that happens during these Gospel campaigns in Africa.”

The Holy Ground experience contains a DVD and CD combo pack with a full-color panoramic poster of the event, plus more details inside the package telling the story of incredible change that took place during a one-week campaign in Africa with over 700,000 people in attendance.

To watch a video trailer about the experience and listen to a preview of every song, visit: http://HolyGroundCfaN.com

About Christ For All Nations (CfaN): (cfan.org) CfaN is a non-denominational missions organization, aimed at taking the Gospel message to the world. Christ for all Nations is primarily known for its historic crusades in Africa and recently surpassed a historic milestone of 75 million documented decisions for Jesus Christ at major events in Africa and other parts of the world.

The ministry offers theological courses and Bible study programs from its website, as well as the Reinhard Bonnke School of Evangelism, Fire Conferences and other training events. The CfaN website also offers a variety of books, booklets, DVDs, audio CDs, posters, bundle packs and more. CfaN books have been published around the world in over 140 languages. The ministry hosts a weekly international television program, hosted by its president Evangelist Daniel Kolenda.

Q & A with Jeanne Nigro Part 2

Intimacy blockers and how to defend against them.

newcover.jpgObviously, sin is what separates us from God and blocks intimacy. It’s pretty easy to recognize the BIG sins and the effect they can have on our relationship with Him. However, what we often overlook are the moment-by-moment blockers like stress, fear, anger, frustration, criticism (just to name a few), and how they destroy intimacy. We generally accept those emotions and attitudes as just a normal part of life or our personality, rather than view them as sin that blocks our intimacy with God. Once we realize how damaging they are, we must then take advantage of the spiritual weapons that God has given us to tear down these barriers and to experience intimacy with Him.

* You indicate that a proper focus now on the Millennium is important to our ability to stand strong in the future. Could you explain why?

If our focus is on the NOW, we will eventually bow down to fear, frustration, and even hopelessness and despair. However, if we focus on the FUTURE and what awaits us with the return of Jesus, we will find a source of strength and hope because of the victory that He will bring and because of our anticipation of what we will be doing with Him throughout the Millennium and what life will be like on earth during that time. Knowing and connecting with what is on God’s heart for the Millennium gives us an action plan for today as to what we CAN do that will increase His kingdom now, as well as have an impact in the Millennium to come.

* You also believe that, while it is not a requirement for salvation, observing the Biblical Feasts (or the Feasts of the Lord) can be beneficial for us. How so?

In Leviticus Chapter 23, God established His feasts as special appointments with Him. In fact, the Hebrew word for feasts, “moedim,” means appointment. These are times of special blessings and deeper intimacy with Him that we do not want to miss out on! Plus, we will be observing all the Feasts throughout the Millennium, so the more we observe them now, the more practice we receive, and the better prepared we are to participate in them with our bridegroom, Jesus! An even deeper purpose in the feasts is found in the fact that they all reveal Jesus as the Messiah. Just as He perfectly fulfilled the Spring Feasts (Passover, First Fruits, and Shavuot (or Pentecost)), so He will perfectly fulfill the Fall Feasts (Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot (or Feast of Tabernacles)). This gives us confidence in the certainty of His return, the salvation of Israel, God dwelling with us again on the earth, and all the Millennial promises that we read about for example in Isaiah, Zechariah, and Ezekiel. We need this confidence and certainty as an anchor for our soul in the midst of continual uncertainty and turbulence!

* Explain briefly for us the 10 Facets of God’s Heart for the Millennium and what is the significance for us today?

Let me begin by explaining the meaning of the term “facets of God’s heart.” God’s heart is like a diamond with many facets. If you only cut one facet of a diamond, all of its light cannot shine but rather is muted. However, when you cut many facets of a diamond, all of its brilliant light sparkles and radiates forth. Well it’s the same way with God’s heart. If we are only connected to one facet of His heart, we do not experience all of His glory, power, and intimacy. In fact, we may even become deceived, for example when we only connect with the facet of God as love – then anything that relates to love must be ok! However, when we connect with the many facets of His heart, we experience deep intimacy with Him, and more of His love, wisdom, power, presence and glory in our lives!

When it comes to the Millennium, UNSHAKEN details 10 facets of God’s heart, or passions of His heart, toward the Millennium, and they are:

• Reigning over all the earth as King in truth and holiness
• Implementing righteousness in all governments and social systems
• Ruling and reigning with you in resurrected bodies
• Bringing healing and restoration to all the earth, people, animals, and relationships
• Restoring Israel spiritually and physically
• Bringing together in one all things that are in heaven and which are on earth in Him -Bringing heaven (the New Jerusalem) to earth.
• Establishing His name forever in Jerusalem — the City of Truth, the City of the Great King, and the Throne of the Lord
• Being worshipped by all people and nation from every tribe and tongue in the Millennial Temple in Jerusalem
• Spreading His Word throughout the entire earth as the water covers the seas
• Observing the Biblical Feasts, festivals, Shabbats, and new moons

Understanding God’s heart for the Millennium provides the foundation for the “action plan” that is detailed in the last chapter of UNSHAKEN. This plan provides relevant, practical, and easy to apply steps you can take to align your day-to-day actions with each of these facets of God’s heart for the Millennium. These clear steps will direct and mobilize you as to what you CAN do now to make a difference in the midst of a world that feels out of your control and influence. You don’t have to wait until Jesus comes back to start increasing His Millennial Kingdom! When you align your heart and actions with God’s heart for the Millennium, you will grow in intimacy with Him, be able to stand unshaken and strong in these uncertain, turbulent times, and the impact of your actions will continue into the Millennium!

For more information visit www.JeanneNigro.com


Q & A with Don Black regarding the In God We Trust Proclamation Part 2

IGWT-TMlogo-bannerThe In God We  Trust Proclamation is an acknowledgement that our rights as human beings are endowed by our Creator and that the Constitution ensures our right as Christians to openly live our lives based upon God’s divine Word. It upholds our belief in the sanctity of life as well as that of a traditional view of marriage between one man and one woman. In signing the proclamation, people will be pledging themselves to pray, to fast and to vote in November. People will have the opportunity to sign the proclamation online through our television affiliate partners.

• What will be done with the signatures?

We hope to secure hundreds of thousands of signatures and send them to both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, and the White House. We will also send them to all presidential and vice-presidential candidates.

• Tell us about the In God We Trust 21 Day Action Plan.

The In God We Trust 21 Day Action Plan is a downloadable devotional guide that will lead participants through 21 days of prayer and fasting for the nation. It will be made available through our television affiliate partners free of charge to those who sign the proclamation.

• What are the different program options and how can people find the program for their area?

The program was shot on location in Washington, D.C. and is hosted by Kristi Watts former co-host of The 700 Club. It will begin on Labor Day and run up to the election. The program will air in 30 minute or 60 minute lengths on participating networks and stations.

• What is your broadcast plan and goals?

In God We Trust is being offered to select Christian television networks and stations for airing. Our goal is that more than 100 million television homes will be able to watch this special at least once in a 60-day period leading to the election. Our prayer is to impact 1 million Christian citizens to vote in November who did not go to the polls in 2012. Many broadcast ministries have agreed to partner in getting this message out quickly. Keep checking our website for networks, stations and air times.

For more information and to sign the proclamation visit, www.ingodwetrust.tv


Q&A with Jeanne Nigro Part 1

JeanneNigro.jpgI was prompted to write UNSHAKEN as a result of my own experience of the paralysis that occurs over fear of the end times, as well as my observation that I was not alone in this fear. Many others are experiencing it as well! What made this fear even more unsettling for me, was that I had been teaching others about fear for years and thought it couldn’t happen to me! However, when it came to the end times, none of what I knew about dealing with fear seemed to apply. This began a process where the Lord showed me a lot about fear of the uncertain end times, and the lies I was believing about myself and about God that were fueling the fear. After He showed me how to use our spiritual weapons of warfare to combat these lies, He then began to reveal to me His heart for the end times and the Millennium to come. It was through that experience that I have been compelled to share those truths so that others can be liberated from their fears and experience an exciting and fulfilling partnership with God, regardless of the times!” Jeanne Nigro

* What makes Unshaken different from other books that address the end times, or these last days?

Most of us realize that there are significant theological differences within the body of believers concerning the last days and when certain events will occur. I didn’t want to focus on those differences that divide. I am more interested in preparing people spiritually not only for that time to come, but for what God is calling them to do now, and how they can experience intimacy with Him no matter what is going on around them.

The truths that I share will be helpful to people regardless of their end times theology or eschatology, as they provide practical, relevant action steps that will transform their lives. Also, UNSHAKEN is unique from other books in that it integrates the anchors of intimacy with God, the Millennium, Millennial Temple, and the Biblical Feasts into what we need to stand strong and unshaken lights for God in these uncertain end times.

* You state that intimacy with God is a key factor in our ability to stand amidst uncertainty. Why is that so important?

To begin with, intimacy with God is our primary purpose in life. He created us for relationship, and our relationship with Him is the only thing that cannot be taken away from us. Who He is and how He sees us is the only thing in life that cannot change. It is through our intimate fellowship with Him that we are protected from deception, a trademark of the last days, and through which we are empowered to stand against persecution and oftentimes frightening, opposing forces. His strength is perfect, and it is critical that we walk closely with Him to be able to draw from that strength.

* You provide some practical steps to achieving intimacy with God and drawing from the game of football, break them down in to offensive and defensive categories. How can we be proactive or on the offense in growing in our intimacy with God?

I go into great detail in the book, but the short answer is found in learning to dwell with Him in the daily moment by moment, focusing throughout the day on who He is, how He sees you, and what He’s done for you. An essential component of this is learning to connect with the many facets of His heart. For example, what is God’s heart toward you, for healing your heart? What is His heart toward others? What is His heart toward the end times, the Millennium, the Millennial Temple, and the Biblical Feasts? As you connect with these facets of His heart, you grow in intimacy with Him and you stand strong in uncertain times.

For more information visit www.JeanneNigro.com

Unshaken: Standing Strong in Uncertain Times

newcover.jpgA brief glance at the headlines on any given day is enough to make someone unsettled, anxious or down right scared. Horrific acts of terrorism, destruction wrought by natural disaster, economic volatility in world markets are just a few of the signs for many of an impending apocalyptic meltdown.

“As I speak with people around the world, I see more and more believers paralyzed by fear and shrouded in a cocoon of passivity because of the unrelenting turbulence and uncertainty in the world and their private lives,” states Jeanne Nigro, author of Unshaken: Standing Strong in Uncertain Times (Destiny Image – October 2016).

Instead of focusing on the doom and gloom of the usual end-time fare or attempting to navigate the milieu of theological positions on the subject, Jeanne offers a lifeline, an anchor to the soul of the disrupted and disturbed.

Even if we lay aside the idea of a global Armageddon for a moment and simply take a look behind the door of the average American home, it won’t be surprising to find a microcosmic battle being waged that is equally destabilizing. On a nightly basis, evening television chips away at the moral values that once served as a sure foundation for a great nation. Mom & Dad are stretched to the max trying to juggle responsibilities at work and home. Tensions are high as well as their debt. Many are living life on the edge and know that it could all come tumbling down with the slightest of unexpected and unplanned intrusions into their fragile world.

With an unwavering belief that personal intimacy with God is our only sure refuge and source of strength, Nigro provides not only encouragement for the battered soul but practical steps for individuals to deepen their relationship with God in the midst of uncertainty.

Jeanne brings her insight into the importance of understanding the biblical feasts, the Millennium, and the Millennial Temple and what they reveal to us about God and how that understanding deepens our intimacy with Him and prepares us for the days ahead.

Unshaken will lead the reader beyond mere survival and guide them to the very heart of God, calming the storm and securing the soul of the believer to live confidently in any and every uncertainty.

For more information visit www.jeannenigro.com