“Hora” photo by Gadi Dagon

The latest release of Daniel Gordis, “The Promise of Israel,” has lead me to think again about the land where I live.

This past year, I trained in Tel Aviv with choreographer, Ohad Naharin. Here, he is a rockstar, even the taxi drivers know him by name. Ohad Naharin as been director of Batsheva Dance Company since the year I was born. We’ve both learned a lot since then. One of the common and most crucial things being unison. There’s a lot of rift between people in the Holy Land, if you haven’t heard. Not even between “different sides” but within the same group of people. Have you heard the saying, “2 Jews 3 opinions?” Live here for a year and you’ll believe it.

protestors outside theater

In spite of that, there’s a movement of not just dancers, but people, who want to listen. Batsheva performed in the Edinburgh International Festival this past week when their performance was interrupted by protestors. The dancers carried on-the show must go on. Even more, they moved in unison.

The point of “The Promise of Israel” and the point of this post is an invitation.

We want to welcome you into the conversation. It is about time since it has been a couple thousand years coming.

“Unison” from Kamuyot by Ohad Naharin

“Jerusalem is divided by her inhabitants but united by rooftops.”

If you are a visual learner or mathematician, here you go…



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