Q & A with Wayne E. Nance

Author of The 3-Minute Difference:

ALTER Your Health, Money, and Relationships without Changing Who You Are

Q: In The 3-Minute Difference, you talk about your life being out of control which ultimately led to this book. Please tell us briefly how your life was out of control and what “woke you up to reality.”

A: At age twenty-nine, I was 305 pounds, smoking incessantly, crippled with $40,000 in credit card debt and facing divorce. I was a card-carrying workaholic, sacrificing my family for fortune in the name of “providing for my family.” My cardiologist said I would likely never see forty. Still, I was in denial and didn’t really believe it. Then one day my tailor called me a “fat slob”, and that stunned me into reality.

Q: So what is your life like today Wayne? How is it different than before?

A: By following the principles I’ve learned through research about nutrition, finances and relationships, I’ve lost more than one hundred pounds, quit smoking, eliminated my credit card debt, put some balance into my work life, and rescued my marriage and family. I’ve been married thirty-eight years to my beautiful wife and have three wonderful daughters. I’m like everyone else who reads this book or sees me on an interview. My life has its turns and twists almost every day. I work every day to be the best I can be.

Q: According to The 3-Minute Difference, you have done more than twenty-five years of extensive research into the areas of health, money, and relationships and have now created a tool to help other people do the same thing. Tell us about the 3-Minute Survey and how it can help us.

A: The 3-Minute Survey is a quick and easy online survey that assesses a person’s core attitudes. It only requires about three minutes to complete. It has proven to be 88% accurate and extremely insightful for people. The results of the survey are provided immediately to those who take it online. Then if they wish, there are more in-depth evaluations that are available.

The amazing thing about this simple survey and what you learn about yourself is that it teaches you how to understand and communicate so much better with your spouse, family, friends, business associates and others. It’s a bit like learning French so that you can speak to people when you travel to Paris. If you don’t speak their language (meet their needs), it’s incredibly hard to communicate, much less build a meaningful relationship with them. In the same way, if we want to communicate well with those who are important to us, we must figure out what language they speak and learn to speak it as well. It’s a simple concept, but one that’s often overlooked.

Q: What would you say is the primary difference in the 3-Minute Survey and personality tests in the market today?

A: For one thing, it only requires about 3 minutes to complete the survey, and it is not a test or a personality test. Based on my research, I don’t believe in personality tests. The results of our survey are more than 88% accurate and provide real insight for people into the core attitudes that undergird their beliefs and choices. Understanding our core attitudes gives us the power to alter them and thus the ability to improve our lives.

The results of the 3 minute survey can literally help save marriages, rebuild damaged relationships, improve financial management and strengthen business communications. It can greatly facilitate networking opportunities, create bridges with potential clients more quickly, and glue your family and relationships together in new and exciting ways. Believe me, it’s the real deal, and it really works.

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