Roaring Lambs 11th Annual Christian Writer’s Conference


Have you attended a writers conference lately…or ever?

If you are thinking about writing a book, or have already written a book, writers conferences can be a great resource as well as a fantastic networking opportunity. The Roaring Lambs Annual Christian Writer’s Conference is one of my favorite. This year there is a great line up of presenters including Karol Ladd, Kerby Anderson, Larry Carpenter, Sandi Glahn, Susan Mead, Frank Ball, Jennifer Strickland and a few others. They will all be sharing their insights in their area of expertise when it comes to writing and publishing.

Donna Skell along with the Roaring Lambs Writers Conference Coordinators asked me to join the line up. I was excited to accept their gracious invitation. My topic will be “Building Your Platform”. Here’s a sneak preview of my presentation:

Hope you all join us on Saturday, July 16th!

Tina Jacobson

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