Overcoming the Failures of Fatherhood

Daddy_Tried-baseball.jpgFor millions more, the father may be there in body but is checked out emotionally. Arguably, the institution of the family, and specifically fatherhood, has never been in such a mess. Absentee fathers, angry fathers, abusive fathers, apathetic fathers, addicted fathers are just a few of the categorical labels applied to a role intended by God to be a position of honor, a source of provision, a place of protection, and a voice of guidance and justice within both the family unit and society at large.

The outlook for fatherhood appears bleak, but is there yet hope for this vital societal role? Is there a road to recovery, a path to victory? Tim Bayly thinks so. In his new book, Daddy Tried: Overcoming the Failures of Fatherhood [Warhorn Media, June, 2016] he offers a frank, yet hope-filled path to overcoming the inherent failures of imperfect men and to reclaiming manhood, sonship, fatherhood and the men called Daddy.

From the Fall to the Cross, Bayly leads his reader through God’s redemptive plan for fathers often drawing from decades of his own journey as an imperfect son, father and pastor. As is the case with all of our societal ills and human failures, Pastor Bayly makes it clear that there are no quick fixes and that this road to recovery is not without a generous portion of blood, sweat and tears. But that was the same path of the Savior wasn’t it?

“It is worth pointing out that God, with unparalleled authority, unlimited power and unequaled resources has chosen, in His providence, to transform and use broken and impotent humanity to accomplish His purposes,” offers Bayly. “Fathers play a pivotal role in God’s plan for the family and virtually every part of society. We can’t afford to ignore them and simply hope that things will get better. I’m convinced the effort and sacrifice required to fulfill our divinely mandated role as fathers is worth it, even when we fail, and we will fail.”

Daddy Tried is unapologetically a book for men and the male-only club of fatherhood. With the only Perfect Father as a guide, it stares the imperfections of every father squarely in the face, offering a clear path to overcoming the failures of fathers past, present and future.

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