Pain is Inevitable. Suffering is Optional.

262_James_Suit_-_BlackThe Zero Victim Mentality Offers Hope and Healing.

We are all destined to confront pain in our lives. Some of us experience unspeakable tragedy, while others are subject to ridicule, discrimination, mockery, or even violence. At times, the ones we love the most treat us with scorn and disrespect. But have you noticed how some people rise above their victimization while others sink into mental and spiritual defeat? Despite their similarity, some people thrive while others wither away.

In Zero Victim, author and corporate executive James Ward shows how repeated victimization can destroy your positive outlook by permanently creating negative memories and damaged emotions. Victim mentality is a conditioned mental tendency to regard yourself as a victim of the negative thoughts, actions, and ideas of others. Ward reveals that this damaged outlook, not your set of unfortunate circumstances, is the real problem standing between you and a better life.

“Let’s face it. We live in a hostile world where imperfect people develop imperfect systems. We all endure difficulties at no fault of our own. Each of us has been a victim in some way. Many people allow that victimization to define their future,” Ward says. “But that doesn’t have to be your story. What if you could immediately and permanently improve every area of your life, regardless of the hardships and injustices you have suffered? Imagine a life filled with satisfying relationships, in which you are more effective and productive in everything you do. Yes, it is really possible when you apply the Zero Victim principle to every area of your life.”

Drawing on real world examples and his own experiences growing up in the era of school integration in the South, Ward outlines the process of developing a programmed mindset to overcome injustice and recognize victory in every situation. His revolutionary “Zero Victim Mentality” will set readers free from their days of fear, depression, and discouragement. Topics covered include:

• When bad things happen to good people—confronting the universality of injustice
• How the victim mindset threatens family relationships
• The power of negative words to perpetuate the victim mindset
• The link between the victim mentality and personal character and morality
• Practical steps that will liberate anyone from the victim mindset

Ward’s challenging message directly contradicts the culture of blame that has become a hallmark of American society. “The victim mentality produces a perception that a set of circumstances, particular person, or group of people is holding you back,” Ward says. “I wrote Zero Victim to equip people with the tools necessary to control seemingly uncontrollable events. When you control your mentality successfully, the way you experience life will immediately change for the better.”

Zero Victim
James E. Ward
Sunesis Publishing | ISBN 978-0-692-29583-0

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