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Los Angeles – Amaris Media Int. is producing a Christian horror film based upon Bill Myers’ “Forbidden Doors” book series, which won a C.S. Lewis Honor Award. Why Christian horror? Company vice president, Peggy Medberry said, “With the rise of so many supernatural books and films, we felt it was time to enter the arena and set the record straight regarding the real power of God.”

The movie deals with two teens who return to California from the Amazon mission field only to discover their classmates, in fact the entire town, is caught up in occult activity. Armed with only their understanding of Scripture, and learning as they go, the brother and sister battle against the forces of darkness to eventually set the captives free.

Instead of the more conventional source of finding financers, the company has chosen to use Kickstarter, a crowd funding approach where people can help by donating as little as five dollars. When asked why, Myers, a veteran of several successful Christian productions including Focus on the Family’s video series, “McGee and Me” said, “We felt God would be more glorified if the whole body of believers worked together to make this happen. Kind of a family thing.” The Kickstarter campaign which can be found here will run until November 16. If the goal of $400,000 is not reached by that date, all money will be returned to the participating donors.amaris

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